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Do you show client recommendations that don’t work?

I’m guessing you’re scratching your head right now going, “Why in the world would you even ask that question?  There is no way I would ever show an investment recommendation that doesn’t work!” You should be. You absolutely need to be showing investment recommendations that don’t work.

Let me tell you why.  They build trust.  

If the only recommendations that you are showing are the ones that work, your client is never going to question any investment that doesn’t work.  They’re going to think anything is game, it’ll all work. You need to show them the investment recommendations that don’t work, so they know WHY certain investment recommendations don’t work.

This is important.  Your client needs to be on the same page.  You might have spent two hours formulating investment recommendations and thinking, “This one is not working, yet this one is working.  This one looks great. This one looks okay.” Your client doesn’t see any of that. They just see the finished product, and that’s a bad place to put them in.  They need to see the investment recommendations that don’t fix their problem and ones that probably could and most importantly, the ones that are unbelievably perfect.

You need to bring your clients into the process that you go through to formulate investment recommendations.  They desire to be a part of this process. The more they learn, the more they learn; the more trust they will find in you.

You will be the first advisor that not only showed them what works for their situation, but also what doesn’t work and why they should not invest in certain things.

If you are using Simplicitree, then you know just how easy this is to do. You can quickly add investment strategies with the click of a button. Turn them on or off and see how they impact their plan in real time.

Even better, allow your client to interact with Simplicitree right beside you and watch the excitement grow as fast as their trust in this planning process.

Your clients want to trust you and your recommendations, this is a great way to build that trust fast!

So are you showing your clients bad recommendations? Because if you’re not, you should be.

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