A Better Way to Plan

Below are several key components of the Simplicitree® planning system. This system was designed by advisers for advisers with one simple goal, the empower clients to take ownership of their retirement plan. This has been accomplished by our intuitive and easy to use interface alongside visuals that are simple and understandable.

Organize Assets

Finally, an understandable way to help your clients diversify their assets. In simple visual, you can empower your clients to make smart financial decision.

Understand Income

Clearly visualize what income your clients have already generated versus the income they need to generate from their retirement nest egg.

Plan For Income

We use the psychology of colors within our planning process. Help your clients see the value your firm brings by turning their fears into accomplishments.

Retirement Rate

Quickly determine the rate of return your client needs to retire without the fear of running out of money. It's time to stop measuring success against the markets.

Preservation Rate

Illustrate the rate of return your client needs to average to preserve their principal and live off of the interest their investments can provide each year.

Legacy Rate

Help your client plan to leave a legacy by showing them the rate of return they need to average to not only enjoy retirement, but also leave a specified amount of money to their heirs.

Principal Tax Concern

Planning to save tax on your clients retirement assets has never been easier. Not only will you be able to easily help your clients understand the current state of their tax situation, but you can help them see it as well.

Plan To Save Taxes

Once you have helped your client understand their tax situation, helping them plan for it is nothing more than a conversation away! The power of Simplicitree® is quickly seen when your clients start interacting with it.

No Contracts No Obligations


Build Plans Together

Sit side-by-side with clients and build their Simplicitree® plan in minutes. Once your client begins to see the plan come to life through their input and direction, they start to take ownership of their plan. Client ownership and the easy to adjust planning system puts you the adviser in a valuable and trusted position.

Real Time Collaboration

Client plan reviews no longer need to be tedious and unproductive. As life happens your clients plan can be quickly adjusted with the Simplicitree® software. Your meetings can now be focused on the newly adjusted plan and how to make sure their investment strategy accounts for the new changes.

The Simplicitree® Process

Planning Your Clients Future Has Never Been Easier

Effective Planning. Every Time.


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