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Add 30% to your bottom line without chasing sales, feeding prospects or spending another penny on marketing

Most clients agree, financial planning is boring, non educational and complicated. The planning experience should be something clients look forward to that brings them closer to their advisor, creating raving fans that lead to referrals.

Most advisors agree, they spend too much time preparing for meetings, re-explaining their financial software and not enough time on making new clients.

Simplicitree solves these two frustrations, by making financial planning fast and interactive. It enables clients to quickly engage and understand allowing you to close more business.

Ditch your Pitch!

Who wakes up in the morning and thinks: “I can’t wait to hear a sales pitch today!”?

Nobody! Not you and especially not your clients.

Instead of pitching the features and benefits of your products and services, start planning right beside your clients with an interactive experience that simplifies financial planning and empowers financial decisions.

  Stop Pitching

  Start Planning

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Start your FREE 30 day trial today!

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The cost of boring your clients

When clients disengage with the planning process, it becomes easy to lose them. Not only does this put clients at risk to leave, but they have no desire to send referrals either. To think the very reason clients hire advisors can also endanger their business. Using the right financial planning software can be the difference between success and failure in this business.

Old way

Traditional Planning Method

  • Little interaction with client
  • Advisor builds plan alone
  • Advisor finds recommendations alone
  • Advisor presents plan to client


New way

Simplicitree Planning Method

  • High client engagement
  • Advisor & Client build plan together
  • Recommendations are found together
  • Everything is done together

When a prospect is actively a part of the planning process, they take ownership of their plan and when they take ownership of their plan, the advisor makes more clients. Get started today, no obligation and no contracts.

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What I really love about Simplicitree is that it’s so collaborative.  When I’m sitting down with a client, they get the strategy about what should be above ground and what should be protected below ground,  It’s just so easy and eye-catching to see this material.

Ashok Ramji

Financial Advisor

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The most effective way to help your clients

Simplicitree is not only easy to use and understand, but it quickly helps the advisor share their value proposition. The more value that is provided by the advisor the faster trust is built. A trusting relationship built on education and value can last a lifetime.

Cost is only an issue in the absence of value

Interactive planning is effective planning. The more involved a prospect is in the planning process the more likely advisors are to make new clients.

Are you ready to go interactive?


Simplicitree helps you make a difference. It helps you better resonate with your clients, not because you do everything right, but because your clients interact with the plan as much as you do. Advisor and Clients alike discover that planning with Simplicitree is educational, rewarding and fun.

More powerful than a planning tool and far more effective than any sales pitch. Simplicitree lets you focus on client experience and share ideas as they unfold. You’ll be encouraged to connect with more clients and your client will be inspired to make referrals.

It’s all about a practice that produces real value. Value for you, for your business, and most of all, for your clients. You can be proud of the work you do as a financial advisor.

Simplicitree is a very simple, easy to understand program,especially for the client. Because your client helps you build their plan, they become emotionally invested, and they can see how we fill their investment needs and put their best interests forward.

Kevin Wray

Financial Advisor

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What’s the value of Simplicitree?

Take Simplicitree for a spin absolutely FREE for 30 days. Once you understand how effective Simplicitree is, you won’t be able to do business without it!

With Simplicitree, you get everything for one low cost. No add-ons or upcharges.

Need help building a plan, we have you covered. One of our Simplicitree coaches can help you at no extra cost.

Need ideas to help you grow, we have you covered there too. Simply join our Planning Made Simple study group or attend one in person and your business will never be the same again. We are very biased though!





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Money Back Guarantee:

Just in case you’re hesitating, consider our 60 day money back guarantee. After your free trial ends you will have an extra 60 days to use Simplicitree and If it has not met your expectations, drop us a note and we’ll give you a full refund. It’s our experience that when advisors actively embrace Simplicitree and engage our community, they get far more value out of this platform than the price they pay for it.


A platform to help grow your business

Simplicitree is deliberately designed to help you grow your business. Not only is it important to make an impact with your clients, but we also desire to build a community of like minded advisors just like you.

You will discover that Simplicitree is more than a piece of software, it’s a platform of technology and a community of advisors joined together to make a greater impact.

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As Advisors, we are all in this together

Building your business can be a lonely experience. That’s why we created the Planning Made Simple study group which is a community of advisors just like you, who want to stand above the competition as a smart, modern financial advisor. All of the ideas shared on Planning Made Simple come from members within our study group.

As a result of the inspiration, motivation and accountability of our members, the average advisor has grown their revenue 50% a year since joining.

Apply today to join us and find the same results for yourself!

More than just a planning software

Simplicitree Also Includes


Invite Your Clients into an
Interactive Planning Experience with Simplicitree

Simplicitree is deliberately designed as a growth tool. It is our best effort to help you make a difference. Our goal is to build a community of like minded professionals just like you.

What you will discover is that Simplicitree is all about helping you do the good work you do so your business will grow.

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