What is Simplicitree?

Retirement Planning Made Easy

A key strength of the Simplicitree® planning process is what we like to call “retirement math.” Math is unbiased, logical and completely transparent. The Simplicitree® software calculates specific results for each client, based on their unique circumstances, as a basis for making smart financial decisions.

Adviser-Client Collaboration

Sit side by side or even online with your client and explain their Simplicitree® plan in minutes. Our hands-on Adviser-driven, unbiased, mathematical approach helps your clients take ownership of their plan. Enabling your client to take ownership of their plan is a key component of the Simplicitree® process.

Comprehensive & Understandable

Within each client profile, Simplicitree® conveniently combines client data, client plans and client investment policy statements supporting adviser investment recommendations as required by DOL regulations. No matter how complex the client situation, the Simplicitree® planning process brings clarity, confidence, and understanding.

No Contracts No Obligations

The Simplicitree® Process

Collect Data

Use our client questionnaire to collect the data needed to produce a Simplicitree® financial plan. This questionnaire is designed to help engage conversation and generate further excitement for upcoming meetings.

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Create the plan

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Create Plan

The base Simplicitree® financial plan is created using the data collected in the first meeting. This base plan is interactive in nature and will be used as a springboard to adding investment, income, and tax strategies.

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Collaborate with Client

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Client Collaboration

Strategies and investment recommendations are introduced to the Simplicitree® plan and client’s investment policy statement is formulated. This recurring interaction is paramount in the adviser’s fiduciary responsibility.

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Monitor the Plan

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Monitor Plan

Now that the Simplicitree® financial plan has been finalized, it will be used as a measure of client progress year after year. As client circumstances change, plan review and appropriate modifications will be important.

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Collaborate with Client

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Simple Retirement Math

The financial industry has focused its attention on what we call the big number. The big number is how much money a client needs to have before they can retire. This thinking has a major flaw. It assumes the rate of return that determines that big number. If the assumption is wrong, then the big number is wrong. From a financial planning perspective, why would you consider using an assumption as the basis for your financial plan? The Simplicitree® planning process doesn’t assume any rate of return. Rather it solves for it. We have three foundational rates that this software solves for. Retirement Rate™ Preservation Rate™ Legacy Rate™ These rates are defined below.

Retirement Rate


Hypothetical Rate

What is a Retirement Rate?

The Retirement Rate represents the rate of return a client needs to generate annually on assets to ensure their asset base will not be depleted through their life expectancy. The Retirement Rate is not an assumption. It is a mathematical algorithm calculating the rate of return a client has to achieve in order to turn their retirement plan into reality.

Preservation Rate


Hypothetical Rate

What is a Preservation Rate?

The Preservation Rate is the rate of return needed to preserve a client’s original asset balance throughout their life expectancy. In other words, if a client achieves this rate of return or more, the client will be spending earnings and preserve principal. Again, this is a calculated rate of return rather than an assumed rate of return.

Legacy Rate


Hypothetical Rate

What is a Legacy Rate?

The Legacy Rate is the priority for the client who wants to leave a legacy to someone they love or something they care about. This rate of return is calculated based on the client’s desired asset level to be passed on through their estate. The Simplicitree® process not only helps advisers plan for the majority of prospects who are concerned about running out of money, but also high net worth investors.

Planning your future has never been easier.

Effective Planning

Planning Perspective

The Simplicitree® financial analysis approaches planning from a different perspective. The key results generated by the software do not assume a rate of return and promote client confidence.

Baseline for Decisions

Advisers who use the Simplicitree® planning process enable their clients to make smart financial decisions based on unbiased and logical mathematical calculations.

Risk Redefined

The Simplicitree® process redefines the usual risk profile. Instead of assessing a client’s tolerance to risk, the process determines a client’s need for risk which is fundamental in providing fiduciary advice.